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 Personalized massage to fit your specific needs.  A variety of modalities are used to help achieve muscle relaxation.  Intended to assist your muscles in working the way they were designed.

***Prices include discounts***

60 minutes....$85

120 minutes....$155

75 minutes....$95

90 minutes....$115

30 minutes (neck and back OR legs and glutes)....$55


          60 minutes Set of 3....$225                              75 minutes Set of 3....$270                              90 minutes Set of 3....$330



60 minutes Set of 4....$300

60 minutes Set of 5....$375

60 minutes Set of 6....$450


Download a copy of the intake form to print and complete. Bring in at the time of your massage or attach it to an email and send to:

SC License No. 5442

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