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Alex Edwards
2 months ago


I'm sorry I'm using your web form for contacting you but could you please refer me to the person managing your Google reviews?

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Warm greetings!

I've recently completed a meticulous audit of your website, pinpointing critical issues hindering your Google Search rankings and business growth.

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Ilene Morrison
5 months ago

Hi, I was just searching on google for interesting businesses and came across your brand.. 

I wanted to reach out and see if you or your team need any help on the your tech development. We have done some work in the past (middleware) for J.P Morgan, Disney, Reebok, Wells Fargo, DoorDash, OkCupid, P90x and some other well known brands.

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Thank you and I look forward to our meeting

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Ilene Morrison
8 months ago

Hey so I was just searching around on google for interesting brands and came across your business. You have a very nice website.

I looked on the app store and noticed you don't have a mobile app for the business. I actually help businesses turn their website into a mobile app in under two weeks. There are some really cool features that come along with having an app which make things much easier for your customers. 

Would you have 10 minutes this week to get on a quick zoom call so I can show you? 

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Thank you and I look forward to our meeting

-Ilene Morrison
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